About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the clean energy revolution. It is imperative that we as a community, country and planet move away from dirty, environmentally harmful fossil fuel energy and join the clean energy revolution. Revere Energy strives to connect the world with clean, affordable, renewable energy in effort to eclipse the world’s global energy demands so our future generations can enjoy our planet’s magnificence.

Who We Are

Revere Energy Group is a fast growing renewable energy consulting company that specializes in alternative energy options and energy efficiency, in both the residential and commercial sectors.  We connect people and businesses with clean, affordable, renewable energy.  We partner and collaborate with our customers to create customized systems that not only meet their energy demands, but also position them on the forefront for seamless transitions in future energy innovations.  


We are advocates for you and work in your best interest, always.  This altruistic approach ensures that we achieve your ideal energy solution while saving you the most money possible.  We make your energy transition an effortless process by handling everything from start to finish.


Why we created Revere Energy: to address climate change and the increasing surface temperature of our planet by delivering the most affordable, cutting edge renewable energy systems throughout the world.

Global Temperature Trends by Decade

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Our Founder

A.J. Aguila

A.J. first learned about the greenhouse effect and climate change over 20 years ago, and has been passionately studying the issue and solutions since. After spending almost a decade in the healthcare industry selling medical devices, A.J. was ready to make a leap into the renewable energy field and start attacking climate change by offering easily accessible alternatives to fossil fuels for all. After going on an interview at a large solar company, he realized his values didn’t align and wanted to create a company that puts the consumer and community first.


In his spare time A.J. is a congressional liaison for Citizens Climate Lobby, a member on the Board of Associates for the Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children in Newark, NJ and an active member in Habitat for Humanity.